General Instructions

  1. Please complete as much of the following forms prior to coming to the Surgery Center for your Pre‐Op appointment. You can either bring them with you for your Pre‐Op appointment or you can fax the paperwork to (904) 209‐1401. If you have any questions please call (904) 209-1400.
  2. Remember that you MUST arrange for transportation and someone to stay with you after your procedure. We cannot allow patients who have received anesthesia to go home with COA or in a taxi unaccompanied.
  3. Ask your Primary Care Physician and/or Cardiologist to send clearances and test results as quickly as possible to the Surgery Center. Our fax number is (904) 209‐1402.
  4. Please have friends and family members bring a jacket or light sweater. The waiting area tends to be cool.
  5. If you are receiving general anesthesia and use a BIPAP or CPAP machine. Please bring your machine with you on the day of surgery.